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letext-align centerbr divDescriptionspanstrongstrongspan ALL POSITIONS ARE FOR AN ENTRY LEVEL ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE FOR THE a hrefwww.visitphilly.comPHILADELPHIA MARKETa.emWE DOspan styletext-decoration underlineNOTspan PASS OUT FLIERS, SELL COUPONS, TELEMARKETING, OR NETWORK MARKETING. emspanstrongpbr ppspanspanpp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspan-Sports Minded ndash Sales Marketing Management Trainee -spanstrongspanbr br ATHLETES WANTED spanpp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongemspanYou dont have to be an athlete you just have to think like onespanemstrong pp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongemspanbr spanemstrongspanspanppspanA full service sales and marketing company,spanspanstronga hrefhttpwww.7marketing.org7 Marketingastrongspanspanis looking to fillspanspanstrongENTRY LEVELstrongstrongPOSITIONS WITHstrongstrongFULL TRAININGstrongspanspanfor marketing sales management with driven, competitive, sports minded people. For the right applicants, growth into management positions is encouraged and available.spanpp aligncenter styletext-align centerspanspanspanspanspanbr spanstrongspanWhat we offer.....spanstrong pdiv aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspan hrspanstrongdivp aligncenter styletext-align centerspanspanpp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspanSTABILITY THROUGH ECONOMIC HARD-TIMESspanstrong pp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspanRAPID ADVANCEMENTspanstrong pp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspanCONTINUAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENTspanstrongstrongspanbr spanstrongstrongspanENTRY LEVEL TRAININGspanstrong pdiv aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspan hrspanstrongdivp aligncenter styletext-align centerspanspanppstrongspana hrefhttpwww.7marketing.org7 Marketingaspanstrongspanis looking forspanspanstrongCompetitive Individuals to fill Entry Level positionsstrongspanspanin our marketing and advertising firm. The right person will love the thrill of a challenge and be excited to dive into new things.spanspanspanspanbr br There is a HIGH DEMAND for our cost-effective services due to the present economic state. We providespanspanstrongadvertising, marketing,and salesstrongspanspancampaignsfor companies and only get paid on results, thus, companies are lookingfor us to drive their company forward and increase their bottom line.spanpdiv aligncenter styletext-align centerspan hrspandivny. We take the time tospanspanstrongemdevelopemstrongememspanspanandspanspanstrongemtrainemstrongememspanspanthe individual to handle any task and jump in when needed on any campaign. This makes the person invaluable to us. The rightspanspanstrongEntry LevelstrongspanspanRepcan expect to be promoted within the 1st few months with hard work and spanspanspanspanbr spanstrongspanENTRY LEVEL INCLUDES TRAINING IN THE FOLLOWINGspanstrong pp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspanADVERTISINGspanstrong pp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspanMARKETINGspanstrong pp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspanRESEARCH DEVELOPMENTspanstrong pp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspanPUBLIC RELATIONSspanstrong pp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspanSALESspanstrongstrongspanbr spanstrongstrongspanHUMAN RESOURCESspanstrongstrongspanbr spanstrongstrongspanMANAGEMENTspanstrong ppbr pp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspanbr spanstrongstrongspanThis is a full-time positionspanstrongspan. The right applicant will be chosen only after several face to face 1 on one interviews. Applicants must be good with people and have a high-level of integrity. Compensation based upon individual performance. We provide full training and benefits.spanstrongspanFor immediate consideration please contact Morgan at 215-966-xxxx or email your resumespanstrongspan styletext-decoration underline hr7marketing.orgspanstrongspanclick apply nowspanstrong pp aligncenter styletext-align centerstrongspana hrefhttpwww.7marketing.orgwww.7marketing.orgaspanstrongspanbr strongbr strongspanstrongspanCollege degree is preferred.spanstrong ppspanspanppspanTo pursue this opportunity, please contact Anesha at strong215-966-xxxxstrongor email your resume tospanspan styletext-decoration underlinehr7marketing.orgspanspan. For further info visit our web siteat a Due to the response rate to our open positions, Human Resources will be contacting only those who meet our requirements. We thank you for your time and consideration. Applicants who have the following or are looking for the following background, please applyspanEntry level sales Entry level sales person Sales rep Entry level sales rep Outside sales Entry level outside sales rep Outside sales rep Sales and marketing Team member Sales Entry level sales and marketing Sports-oriented Help wanted New graduate Part time Full-timeppspanbr br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br emKEY WORDSmarketing, entry-level, promotions, direct marketing, promotional sales, business development, entertainment, sales - marketing, management, clients, account manager, campaigns, marketing, direct advertising, client relations, retail, hospitality, marketing, background, college graduates, internship, entry level, management, entry level management, entry level marketing, marketing, business development, entry level, customer service, sports, entertainment, advertising, public relations, management, sales, training, marketing, public relations, entry level, customer service, retail, restaurant, entry level, full-time, internship, management, advertising, public relationsbr embr spanpListing originally posted at http