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Approximately 8 yrs old. Bought her off a lady on fb. I couldn't leave her there, she was severely under weight you could see all her bones. She had skin issues, fleas, anxiety, and stank. She has gained weight looks great. Loves to eat not sure what the problem was before. She has skin issues and itches. We have flea medicine and collar on her. She has anxiety. She doesn't enjoy being alone she wants to be with you. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. Great sleep companion. She's potty trained, as long as you keep her on a schedule. She has stress accidents as small dogs do. She's slightly food aggressive from her not getting enough. You can tell she was abused she cowers when she knows she is being bad. SHe is crate trained just doesn't enjoy it often I really hadnt planned on keeping her I just could not leave her there. I don't know how to deal with her anxiety and I work so she's in her cage alot which increases her anxiety. Please help me find her a home with someone who understands and can help her. She comes with her cage, leash , and harness. $50. But willing to negotiate for the right family