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Name: HoneyGender: Altered MaleAge: 3-4 monthsColor: Orange TabbyFIV NegUp to date on vaccinationsAdoption would be finalized through ACCTCurrently in Foster CareHoney is one of the sweetest little guys you?ll meet! He definitely seeks companionship with humans as well as his foster brother and sister. He?d do well as a companion for another young cat. However, if he?s the only cat of the house he?d do best in a home where humans are home a lot and are able to spend plenty of time with him (especially while he is still a kitten). Otherwise he?d get pretty lonely. Honey is a pretty neat fellow who is likely to keep his litter nice and tidy. He has a nice loud purr that he?ll use often when cuddling up with you and being fed. He is also pretty good about not using his claws when playing with you. While all kittens know how to play hard, this guy also knows how to rest hard. You can often move his limbs while he is asleep and he won?t even wake up. With the proper socialization/attention I can see this guy being the perfect human companion. Following you around the house, cuddling up, playing, and meowing in conversation.